Be Alert!… via @CurbedNY Lift Up New York Design Corps Architects Bremer Businelli

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NYC's 1st Neighborhood w/ Resiliency District South Beach Civic & Lift Up NY Design Corps REENVISIONING South Beach

Staten Island's South Beach Civic Association leads the way together with Zone A and Borough Oddo & NYC!: via @WSJ

We are in Sunnymeade Village announcing the South Beach Resiliency District and calling for more Buyouts/Acquisitions! 347-994-9663 4info!

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September 2014

A New York City Neighborhood Resiliency District is where the business of nature becomes business: and urban ecology of people, land, and sea.

June 2014

Please join us on July 29th for LIFT UP NEW YORK.  A celebration to benefit  Zone A New York, previewing a vision for NYC’s first Neighborhood Resiliency District, and  honoring Joseph McAllister, President of the South Beach Civic Association, and Robert Vaccarello, CRM President of RY Management Co., Inc.

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June 2014

The now prize-winning Zone A New York Flood Insurance Expert Rebecca Elliott was recently recognized by the UC Berkeley Sociology Department for her work on The Flood Insurance Sagas. She is helping the many thousands of residents in the floodplain come to grips with and understand the implications of the ever-changing laws surrounding flood insurance, and how to make the best rebuilding decisions today.

May 2014

In the last installment, we covered FEMA’s general methods for making and approving a flood zone map, or FIRM. However, the process for releasing the latest FIRMs for New York City has differed significantly from the normal procedure.  This installment will go into the specifics of where we are in the mapping process and what is to come.

May 2014

In the previous installment on premium rate-setting, we learned that where you live relative to the flood zone largely determines what you pay in flood insurance. In this post, I’ll go over the basic things to know about flood zone maps, explain how to find your flood zone maps, then provide some background on how the flood mapping process
works in general.