Silicone based lube Vs Water based lube


If you search in online regarding best lube and sex. You will find, many people are love to
Do anal sex. For anal sex most people are asking which lube are the best, silicone or water
lube. So that I decides to give that proper answer.

Silicone Based Lube:

Silicone base lube is made of silicon. If you have allergies or prone to sensitive skin, silicone lube is the best for you.

Uses: You can use with a condom, hot tubs, showers, lakes, swimming pools. But avoid to use in toy and use with the latex condom. Don’t use oil-based lube with latex condom because its breakdown

Sex type: Silicone based lube is the best for anal sex.

Mostly use Ingredients: Dimethicone, Demethiconol, Cyclomethicone and spermicide for make stickiness for the lone time.

Legibility: Suitable for longer lasting.

You can use like water. For Best Anal sex pleasure Silicone lube is the best.

Water Based Lube:

Water based lube is the best as a personal lubricant. If you ask some any one they give that answered. Its give you 100% slippery mood that give you more sex pleasure. It is made of pure water and natural ingredients of lube.

Some good point of water based lube:

1) Smooth and slippery longer lubrication
2) You can easily use it with a condom.
3) Glycerin and paraben free
4) You can clean it easily.
5) You can use it with a toy.
6) This is good for virginal sex.

Lastly, ultimate outcomes are Silicon base lube is the best for anal sex and Water based lube is the best for personal sex.