Why do we need to use lube for sex pleasure?

Sex is the important part of a human life. It’s all about love,feel pleasure of life. Sex is also an art. But I saw that lots of people are a couple are unsatisfied in their sex life. I am sure they maybe don’t know about personal lubricants. Trust me its makes you a lot of satisfaction in their sex life. Health specialists also recommended personal lube. Personal lube helps you for

1) Vaginal Sex.
2) Oral Sex
3) Anal sex
4) Masturbation
5) and playing with the toy.
There are mainly three types of lube in the market, Water based lube, Silicon-based lube, oil based lube. you can also find some more. Depending on lube you can find benefits from them if you want to know more detail about lube just go to www.bestlubenow.com .you can find every detail of lube in there and they give the best source and reliable information
Benefits of using personal lube:

There are multiple benefits of personal lube I am discussing it point to point

1) Increase sex pleasure: Personal lube increases your sex pleasure no doubt. Because it made it for sex matter. It’s ingredient help us to increase it.

2) Alleviate vaginal dryness: Vaginal dryness is a big issue of sex pleasure,Becuase its makes you sometimes pain and enjoyable sex pleasure. a personal lube will help you to make lubrication and pain-free sex and enjoyable.

3) Reduce Friction: you are feeling uncomfortable difficult and painful when there is friction. So personal lube make it soft and smooth and also slipperiness that makes your happy sex.

4) Improve sex hunger: For oral sex flavored and scented personal lube is helping you to do more.

5) Message: you can use personal lube as the massage oil. Some oil based lube is fit for that.

6) Use it in Toy: Use of bit of lube in a toy. it is more pleasure to you.

7)Anal sex time: For anal sex, we need to take an extra look on sex because it is not a vagina. for anal sex pleasure, you need proper lubrication. anal lube helps you to do the best pleasure of anal sex. lots of anal lube specially made for anal sex.

Bottom line: Finally we tell that personal lubricant is very much important nowadays for more and more sex pleasure.